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Muun saw the light of day in 2004 in Nyariga, Northern Ghana, West Africa. Muun was born from an unexpected meeting of two worlds – Tahiru, expert in the traditional art of straw-weaving and Audrey, a fashion consultant on the Japanese market.

As time went by, the Muun family grew to include leatherworkers, spinners, weavers, assemblers, seamstresses from around the world. Each and every one sharing the same Muun values: respect for others and a love of natural material.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, a constant pursuit of Japanese minimalism as well as cosmopolitan and surprising influences, Muun has reinterpreted the traditional straw bag into a timeless and aesthetic object. Muun’s signature straw bag is reinterpreted with a personalised and detachable pouch be it woollen or in cooler fabrics, plain or colourful, zipped or tied.


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