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Inca Hearts

Inca Hearts

Inca Hearts was conceived as a subtle and uncomplicated hat range sourced from artisans of Colombia and Ecuador. The weaving technique and design is a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation.

The iconic shaped hats are created from fibres of toquilla straw, harvested from palm found in Latin America. The straw, also known as ‘Panama Straw’ is dyed using traditional natural ancient techniques.

The combination of materials and weaving technique creates a superior quality product.

Founder of Inca Hearts Misha Guest fell in love with indigenous textiles and their ancient craft of weaving when she lived in Mexico during her 20's, living and working with indigenous communities and small scale artisans in remote areas.

Misha grew up on the beaches of Noosa Heads and was also inspired by her English mothers style, who always sported fabulous hats.

Since returning to Australia Misha has aspired to create a refined aesthetic of the coveted ‘Sombreros’ to fuse with the urban requirements of style and functionality.

Inca hearts comes into its own in the harsh Aussie sun where the widened brims have an extra shading effect.

Inca hearts was founded on the principles of natural beauty, craftsmanship, distinctive style and individuality.

Inca Hearts

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