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Alcana is a hand crafted, plant based lifestyle brand made in India for the globally conscious.

Born from a desire to incorporate natural hand made textiles into contemporary design, providing fair income for traditional skilled artisans while weaving their beautiful stories into our lives through environmentally conscious and ethical clothing.



Alcana is a fully plant based clothing brand, our textile artisans work with organic cotton which is one of the best natural fibres to use for natural dye.

Medicinal herbal dyeing is an ancient practice used among many cultures for centuries, a practice that supports the wellbeing of our planet and its people. At Alcana we use medicinally rich herbs, minerals, plant material and oils to dye our fabric. 



By celebrating the true artistry of hand crafted, plant based clothing and textiles we also celebrate slow fashion and slow living.

Slow living is a lifestyle; it’s about connecting to the earth, to our communities and to ourselves.

Alcana uses this holistic approach in every part of the production process, our aim is to combine the wisdom of the past with a vision for the future, providing quality and longevity, while inspiring others to slow down, be mindful and connect.


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